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A flying gift voucher has to be one of the ultimate presents, what other experience voucher can you say is truly unique and is remembered for a lifetime.
Whatever you describe them as, trial flight, trial lesson, air experience flight, flying taster lesson or  just a flying lesson. We get a great thrill from giving people the opportunity to actually fly an aeroplane for the very first time. So many people have the dream of flying but very few get to actually realise it, we are very fortunate to be able to give people the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.
For some this is a one-off experience, but for others this is the start of a flying adventure.
Many professional pilots started their careers with a flying gift voucher given as a present or they hung around a local airfield long enough where a generous pilot took them up for their first flight.
That was it, that first taste of flight had them hooked and began a life long love of the sky and aircraft flying. The next step was to book a flying course to gain the converted pilots licence.

At  Enstone Flying Club we offer a complete range of flying experience vouchers, Aeroplanes, gliding and Microlighting,these can be a single introductory flying lesson, day long flying adventures or a complete learn to fly course. Flight vouchers are valid for six months and we are open 7 days a week.

Risk Free purchasing

should a voucher holder not want to fly will refund you in full no questions asked, we just need to know with 28 days of purchase.

For more information on our flying vouchers Click here to visit our flying lesson voucher section of our web site.
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