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It is unlikely that you will ever meet a pilot who would pass up the chance to fly a Spitfire, but alas the opportunities are only open to the very wealthy or lucky few......until now

A Spitfire for the many, not just the few.

The MK26B is a new mark of Spitfire from Supermarine Using modern technology Mike O’Sullivan (Mk26 designer) has created an aircraft that not only looks, sounds and feels like the earlier marks but flies like one of them too. The difference is in the price tag:

Brand new single seat Spitfire with Merlin V12 Engine £2million

Brand new two seat MK26B Spitfire with GM V6 engine £210K

MK26B Supermarine SpitfireWe have put together teams of builders to complete twelve, ninety per cent scale Supermarine MK26B Spitfires; the first one is nearing completion. Builder-pilots can go on to be trained to fly in formation. This squadron,the ‘City of Oxford,’ will include ground crews, military vehicle enthusiasts and living history players, making this a truly unique club, with a regular calendar of events as a focal point for every member.

We all know the reasons why most private pilots let their licenses lapse and home builders fail to complete their aircraft: too much operating unsupported without any infrastructure or encouragement. This project’s vision is to give pilots an opportunity to use their licence to become part of a display team. There will be training from ex-Red Arrows and current Spitfire pilots and upon gaining their DA Display authorization, a calendar of events to take part in.

Groups of up to twenty owner-builders will work together to complete each aircraft, so with twelve aircraft, we have a potential ‘builders’ cooperative’ at Enstone of over 200 people.

By building similar parts together, the builders will become experts together, the least experienced learning from those who are already skilled. No lonely nights or weekends locked away in the garage! With twelve Spitfires available and up to 20 builder-members per airframe, there will be no shortage of opportunities for builders to get involved at the fraction of the cost of taking on a whole aircraft alone. There will be options for investing in any fraction from one-twelfth, through to a twentieth.

The Supermarine MK26B kit planes have been designed for novice builders. There will be plenty of space and support from Enstone engineers and local LAA inspectors, so each section of the airframe will be completed expertly. All paperwork will be handled by Enstone experts so all your team has to do is build.

Be part of something unique... the “City of Oxford”

Imagine a 12 ship squadron scramble, something to make your pulse race! Followed by a formation display that only Spitfires can pull off....magic!

From May to September “City of Oxford “will display at events all over the UK with the occasional foray into Europe. The rest of the year will be for your own personal pleasure flying and squadron training (no weekends) . This will be your opportunity to impress your friends by taking them for a sortie in your own Spitfire, “how cool is that”!

A Squadron is not just the planes

People make a squadron not aircraft! During the build it would be great to find those people that worked on airframes, engines, electrical and radio systems. Engineers, electricians, painters, but most all we need enthusiasm. If you want to just get stuck and help get this project up and running there is a place for you.

After the planes are complete, we will still need people to help! There are many ways for the non pilot to get involved; we want teams to look after the Spitfires on the ground when they are at events. Once the aircraft have arrived they will need lots of attention to prepare them for immediate scramble.

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