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Visiting pilot information and facilities at  
Enstone Flying Club,
Enstone Airfield,
Banbury Road
Chipping Norton,
01608 678204
Located just 7nm from Oxford (kidlington EGTK).
Better still there are no car parking charges,
 no hi-viz requirements, a great local pub
and plenty of hotels.
 All this is combined with the traditional
friendly EFC welcome!
Have a browse of the google map below for your bearings,
for those of you not arriving by air 
North side grass has unrestricted opperational hours but for the hard and south side grass runways the
last take off 7.30pm first take off 8.00am

Please read noise abatement procedures before ringing for PPR 01608 678204

Click here for Enstone local weather station updated every minute, 4 cameras too

EGTN Enstone Radio 129.880 ( not always manned, make blind calls to Enstone Traffic if no answer).

Brize radar very helpful fellows donít be shy give them a call if you canít find us, you wonít be the first!!!

All 800ft AGL circuits to the north NO STRAIGHT IN APPROACHES to 26/08 Hard or Grass overhead joins are preferable, descend deadside avoiding the villages to join downwind for 26/08 runways

When cars are operating on the circuit adjacent to the runway, land on the marked numbers, otherwise the whole runway is usable. Backtrack using the north side of the active runway.

Landing fees are payable at EFC or OSF just advise the radio that you are going to the ďDark sideĒ and all will be well.
CASH ONLY SEP £10per landing  or £30 for circuits ( subject to availability) MEP £20.00 or  £50 for circuits.
AvGas we prefer debit cards but all major cards are accepted except AMEX they charge too much and pay us late!!!

Grass, Hard and overnight hangarage (subject to space)


Tea, coffee cold drinks, licensed bar for non flyers!!!! Snacks and Mrs Miggins finest home made cake.

Saturdays ONLY 10.00 until 13.00 Angela's fabulous freshly made Bacon Rolls, mouthwateringly delicious!!!!


no showers as yet, club house facilities available when open.


View Enstone Flying Club circuit pattern in a larger map

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