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After you gain your PPL, there are a lot of things you can do to continue to challenge yourself!

IMC Rating Courses:

 Tired of being grounded by a low cloud base or poor visibility? Add an IMC rating to your License and vastly increase your flying time! Take the minumum of 15 hour Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating course and it will challenge you and improve your flying skills, enabling you to fly in not-so-perfect weather conditions. Concerned with flying the plane for the first time? Practice in the flight simulator! This will allow you to practice approaches and holds safely on the ground and without the cost of flying!

Night Ratings:
Do you have to cut your trips short becuase you have to make it back by sunset? Gaining a night rating on your licence means that there is no rush! In the minumum of 5 hours training, 3 hours must be dual instruction, 1 hour must be dual navigation and you must perform 5 solo take offs and 5 solo landings.

Supermarine Spitfires:
Buy a share in one of twelve spitfires and you can enter the Spitfire Training program. This program is unique to any other tailwheel flying course, as we are training you to fly an actual Spitfire. You will start off in the Cub, performing 20 hours of training, eventually soloing from the back seat. After you have successfully mastered the Cub, you will be moved to the Chipmunk for another 5 hours of training, ending with the mastering of a flight from the back, with an instructor in front of you. During the course, we are slowly moving you further and futher from the prop of the plane, and restricting your view in preparation for flying the Spit. A minimum of 25 hours spitfire-specific training is required in order to fly the Spitfire.
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