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Yes! we are in the process of building 12 Spitfires!
Britain's newest Spitfire squadron based at Enstone Airfield, Oxford.

Each aircraft is a  2 seat Supermarine Spitfire MK26B a 90% scale of the legacy marks. This 21st century version of the classic British fighter will ensure that the legend will live on forever.

" So why not build 100% scale Spitfires?" there are several reasons.
Mike O'Sullivan the MK26B designer and owner of Supermarine Aircraft, grew up around Spitfires and Mustangs. His uncle had 50 acres of war surplus stock on his cattle ranch in Australia. Mike wanted a Spitfire but realised very quickly that he could not operate one on his own, so went about designing an aircraft that he could and take a friend, yes all the MK26B were designed with two seats!
Mike also worked out the cost of producing a full scale aircraft would make it all but impossible for the very wealthy few to own, a conservative estimate for the airframe kit alone would be around the million pound mark, then there was the engine!
There are less and less Merlins around and the engineering expertise to look after these thoroughbreds is almost as rare. The cost of running them is frightening, 6 gallons of AvGas a minute!
At 90% the MK26B is manageable, more affordable and with a modern power plant more reliable. The kit has been designed for non aerospace people to construct and using detailed manuals and support from the Supermarine factory is reasonably straightforward. But at over £200K and a minimum of 1100hours required to construct is still a hefty commitment for an individual.
The squadron idea is to form groups or syndicates to share the cost and workload. Teams of builders, some are pilots, but not all!
These teams from 12 to 20 members strong will construct the aircraft from the "all metal kits".The handling, iconic shape is preserved and powered by a modern V6 250hp engine giving a top speed of over 200mph, making this a Spitfire for the many and not just for the very lucky few!
How can you become involved in this unique project?
We have a range of options for pilots and non pilots alike.
Non Pilots join our "Zero to Hero" scheme
You do not have to be a pilot, but if you would like to become one and fly in the Spitfire you help build, then we have the"Zero to Hero" program for you. Click here for more information remember you take take a friend!
Already hold a pilotís licence?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Then I think we have the answer, join the squadron and build and fly one of the most Iconic aircraft in the world, get you friends and family involved too. Click here for more information impress your friends by taking them up for a ride.

Licence lapsed?

What better reason could there be for you to get back into flying? Fly the Spitfire you helped build and join a unique community of flying enthusiasts, where all the family can be involved. Click here for more information remember two seats!

Ground Crews

There are many ways for the non pilot to get involved; we want teams to look after the Spitfires on the groundwhen they are at events. Once the aircraft have arrived they will need lots of attention to prepare them for immediate scramble. Click here for more information get a ride too.

Military vehicle crews

We will need military vehicles to transport all the squadron equipment and teams to set up Squadron HQ. Use your vehicle for the job it was designed for if a squadron had it we have to have it! Click here for more information

Re enactors and living history players

However once the Squadron is stood downthe whole team will havetime to relax grab a"Cuppa n bacon sarny" from the mobile kitchen. With the living history players setting the scene the public will be allowed to come and visit the "City of Oxford" at rest. Click here for more information

Support Crews

The Squadron will need a support crew to look after the visitors at our events, explaining how they can join and what we are all about, we will have a separate area within the Squadron arena for the Squadron of today.Click here for more information 

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