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Allison Taylor

I was born in Yorkshire. They didnít let girls in the ATC way back then! After 6 years of working and doing very well I packed it all in at 23 and decided Iíd rather be flying. By this time I had gone solo in a weight shift microlight. With very little money I lived on airfields like Long Marston and Enstone, ran ground school, and was a goffa in exchange for flying lessons. I learned to fly the Grob 109 at Enstone, clocked up some hours and stopped flying when I was based at Hinton, got married had my son Phil and have barely flown since.

Iím a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and hold an MBA from Aston Business School. Having reached Group Head of HR &OD for a large organisation I have handed in my notice to be the founding director of Addato ltd and offer executive coaching, mediation, business and HR strategy and teambuilding from December.

My partner is Trevor whoís a Mech Eng!

Why I got involved

When Phil was growing up I put flying firmly into the back of my mind as I knew I had the bug and I had no means. I stopped noticing after a few years if it was flyable or not. Trevor and I met in 2006 and he suggested I help out at the CCF heís involved in and I ended up with an officer commission in the RAF VT. I talked about getting my instructor ticket with the RAF but full time work commitments meant this was not viable. I was also conscious that for many people the challenge is in learning to fly and the pleasure evaporates over time when youíre wondering where to go out of the circuit on a Sunday. When I had the money to get my licence back again there had to be more. So, one day in July I was due to get a train to London and engineering works conspired to enable me to turn up with a friend at Enstone and hear about Pauls plan. It hit all the buttons as I am also keen to preserve the memory of the Spitfire pilots. So here I am again, son no longer dependent, bug being allowed to take hold.

What Iím looking forward to most

Iím looking forward to being part of a team doing something pretty special. I am not a builder type but Iím happy to have a go, love learning anything new and Iíll do my bit with enthusiasm. Iím mostly looking forward to flying again. Iíve bought books on Spitfires now and Iím reading up on the whole topic, Trevor insisted I read something on rivets. Gulp. I find myself sharing my enthusiasm with others already. So, I want new skills and honed older skills. Iím looking forward to sharing our achievements with others and making sure we have a record. Oh, and PPL exams obviously! I want Phil (22) to see me as a pilot and not just mum. Iíve always fancied Goodwood, perhaps I need to invest in a 1940ís outfit, always a reason for a good dress and new shoes!

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