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Martin Laking

From a young age I have always been fascinated with flying and aircraft, especially WWII era. Building many airfix models, and never getting fed up of watching wartime aviation films. Growing up on a farm in North Yorkshire, I was often treated to watching fast jets fly by at speed over the North Yorkshire moors, and watching them practice dog fights an excellent sight. Living and working on the farm, lead to engineering, experience repairing and maintaining agricultural machinery.

Actually been able to fly, always appeared to be out of reach of my means, but fortunately this changed, and in 2009 I gained my PPL, and my IMC in 2011. Aircraft types I fly are Piper Cherokees, Robins, DA40 and CAP 10.

Why I got involved

Why Not?

The next step of the dream was to fly an aircraft from my favourite era, WWII, not just as a passenger, but in control, something that is normally totally out of reach, short of winning a few lotteries. I had seen information regarding the reproduction Spitfire, and was impressed. When I saw the advert offering shares in one, I thought that is a must, from two aspects. One helping build and develop a aircraft, learning about the structure, and engineering techniques involved in keeping them in the air. Secondly being involved with, and actually flying a classic shape and icon.

What am I looking forward to the most

All of it!

The whole adventure, making new friends, learning from and with them, and having all the same goal and dream. And being involved with a classic British symbolic icon, bringing delight to others in being able to see and touch a SPITFIRE.

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