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Enlist in our Zero to Hero program today and become a flying legend

The Zero to Hero program has been created to take you from: never having flown a plane before to flying your own Spitfire which you help build!

Here is the plan, we are in the process of building 12 MK26B Spitfires (90% scale of the original), they are built from kits, all are two seat versions and can be constructed by anyone who can tell a screw driver from a spanner! Once completed the 12 will operate as a squadron and will tour the UK and Europe putting on flying displays for the public.

How is this possible?

Rather than an individual buying and building a kit, we have up to 20 pilot/builders sharing the cost and the building, making it affordable, achievable and accessible for many more people and we will get the kits completed in double quick time!

But we are looking for very special people to join this unique project:

Are you looking for something more than just learning to fly?

Are you up for a challenge and a team player?

Want some serious fun and camaraderie?

Want to fly a Spitfire?

Here at Enstone flying club we have been training pilots for over 25 years. In that time we have learned that our pilots love a challenge, by enlisting in the Zero to Hero program you are not only learning to fly, but also constructing and owning a share in one of these iconic aircraft.

A Zero to Hero share will cost in the region of £24K. This includes gaining your private pilot’s licence and 25 hours of advanced training before you strap on your Spitfire. Plus you own your 20th share

Be part of something unique... the “City of Oxford”

From May to September “City of Oxford “will display at events all over the UK with the occasional foray into Europe. The rest of the year will be for your own personal pleasure flying and squadron training (no weekends) . This will be your opportunity to impress your friends by taking them for a sortie in your own Spitfire, “how cool is that”!

Family friendly program

Whilst the Zero to Hero program is aimed at pilots, family and friends can be a part of this unique squadron. There will be plenty to engage and entertain both young and old.

The projects aim is to get many more people who thought that they could never “get over the barrier” not only over but playing an important part of the squadron on the ground. I love showing visitors around my flying club and hangars, I can sense the visitors wanting to touch and feel an aeroplane “ go ahead, touch it won’t break” I am lucky to do something I truly love, but I want to be able to open that barrier and give that opportunity to many, many more people.

Skippers vision of the Squadron

“It is my vision to make the “City of Oxford” the finest aviation display event in the world, where the traditional barriers to pilots, aviation enthusiasts and the public are removed.

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