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After leaving school in 1971 and following a "gap year" before gap years were invented I was fortunate to be accepted at the joint BOAC/BEA flying training school the College of Air Training,Hamble.

Graduating 20 months later in 1974 I joined the then newly formed British Airways.Between 1974 and 2009 I flew various types(Vanguard/Tristar/737/757/767) Gaining my command and spending the last 16 years on the iconic 747.Accumulating approximately 18,000 Hrs on the way.(Adding up my logbook was to be a retirement project!!)

After retiring I revalidated my SEP on the C 172. Over the next twelve months trying various light types I had decided that owning/sharing an aircraft was not for me....that was until I read Paul's article in the November 2010 Pilot Magazine!!!!

The rest,as they say, is history.


The opportunity to join a likeminded group of people(brilliantly from very different backgrounds) to build a 250HP,fully aerobatic,all alluminium,two seat aircraft with a variable pitch propellor and retractable gear was a pretty amazing prospect. But when it looks, sounds and feels like a Mk 1X Spitfire it seemed almost incredible.

Add to this the fact that it is a genuine Supermarine Aircraft and will sit in the CAA register amongst all the other illustrious marques it just had to be done!!

What next

Carefully and safely building Kit 73 with the collective help and support of our group. Getting the airframe signed off and registered and finally seeing EN A take to the air for the first time.

Having completed the Supercub tailwheel course at Clacton,and hopefully successful J3 and Chipmunk conversions I hope to hone a completely new set of flying skills on yet another icon. The Supermarine Spitfire.

When qualified the expectation is that within the umbrella of the Enstone project we can bring the grace and beauty of this amazing machine to a much wider audience.

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