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My Father was a W/O RAF and we lived all over the UK and Germany during the late Ď60ís and Ď70ís. Watching F4 Phantoms, Jaguars, Buccaneers and Harriers screaming over our married quarters on an almost daily basis was a thrilling experience. I accepted every possible opportunity to experience flight but with limited financial resources only managed the odd glider flight or charitable passenger seat in a light aircraft. I have been hooked on the dream of flight forever but as time has passed and circumstances take hold the dream gets sidelined; until now. After 19 years running my own business in the Middle East I have sold up and can finally resurrect the old ambition. I signed up for flight training in the summer and flew solo for the first time shortly after. It felt good.

Why I got involved

Upon seeing Paulís article in a flight magazine in 2010 I was struck by what was obviously a once in a lifetime chance to do exactly what I have always secretly wanted to do but never dared to admit it in public: build my own Spitfire and fly it. Normally extremely deep pockets would be required but this was a really affordable option. I remember saying ďsod it! Iíll set up my own company, buy my own Spitfire and fly it for funĒ after being rejected by the RAF for pilot training in 1984. This really is a lifelong ambition evolving and we all get to share the experience with a bunch of likeminded people; far better than sole ownership whatever the cost.

What I am looking forward too

Experiencing plenty more flying with varying aircraft as I build towards that first solo Spitfire flight. I have a vision of soaring high above the white cliffs and along the Kent coast then perhaps dropping in on an unsuspecting little airfield to everyone surprise. I also cannot wait to be part of a squadron takeoff on a bright summerís morning on our way to a display. Magic.

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