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Peter Broom


My first taste of flying was at the joint BOAC/BEA air training school at Hamble clocking up 5 hours in a Chipmunk trying to prove to that I was capable of flying. I was but unfortunately my academic achievements didn’t match what flying ability I might have had so I never made it that time round.

In the following years I spent some happy hours gliding at sites such as Long Mynd, Camp Hill and Morridge but it wasn’t until 1996 that I got my PPL on the basis that if I didn’t do it then I probably never would. By that time the family was growing up and income was finally exceeding expenditure, at least enough to fly regularly which I have managed to continue with a number of trips to Florida and some good memories of long distance trips, overflying Orlando International and The Everglades and the American way of GA….no landing fees, pretty much go where you want, great fun.

Currently have around 350 hours in my log book mostly on PA28s of various denominations, C152 and 172 and recently the TB10.

Why I Got Involved

If someone asks if you would be interested in building and flying a Spitfire there is only one answer….yes!! So it was when I met Paul whilst looking for a flying home having moved south from Cheshire and tired of the return travel to Tatenhill to fly.

Having spent 10 years building speed hillclimb racing cars and always enjoyed making stuff (the last project was a pair of traditionally built wooden carriage wheels) the opportunity of building the Spitfire Mk26b and joining a team of like minded enthusiasts was not to be missed.

What Am I Hoping For?

To be part of something completely unique, a once in a lifetime opportunity. To enjoy the challenges of the build and flying an aeroplane I have had a hand in constructing. To enjoy many happy hours of flying to new places with new friends and the chance to do some demonstration and formation flying in this iconic aircraft.

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