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Bill Brown

61 years old, married 35 years, four offspring, three boys and a child, now all with their own partners paying their own rent / mortgages away from home (RESULT!) I live in the village of Greatworth about 40 minutes drive from Enstone.

Learnt to fly at Enstone, gained PPL in 1996 and since then flown not very much but mostly in the Socata TB10 and TB200. Got about 120 hours total. Not flown for a year because of various circumstances but aiming to fix that early 2012.

My work experience has been mostly in production management of packaging and printing businesses, culminating in running my own business for the last thirteen years, which Im in the process of winding up so I can (semi) retire. Therefore I understand engineering principles, although Ive always employed engineers rather than doing it myself. Once Ive retired I aim to start another business selling promotional products to national corporates, which Ive been doing in a small way as an adjunct to my main business. Also Ill be extending some of the charity work for school leavers, and learning to be a mentor for small businesses for a charity called TBAC in South Oxfordshire. That should leave me with Wednesdays free to play golf, and every other afternoon free to build a Spitfire and build some flying hours.

I wanted to get into this project, in fact I think I was the first to lay down the money, for the buzz of flying not just something Ive built, but a Spitfire Ive built. Its a way of doing something more than the 100 burger. Im also looking forward to that first ID calling up Spitfire, currently at 2500, 180knots, approaching from South West..etc.

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