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Yes! we are in the process of building 12 Spitfires!
Britain's newest Spitfire squadron based at Enstone Airfield, Oxford.
Each aircraft is a 2 seat Supermarine Spitfire MK26B a 90% scale of the legacy marks. This 21st century version of the classic British fighter will ensure that the legend will live on forever.

Skipper's vision of the Squadron

“It is my vision to make the “City of Oxford” the finest

aviation display event in the world, where the traditional barriers to pilots, aviation enthusiasts and the public are removed.

I remember watching ground crews at air shows as a kid

and wondering how do I get to do that, who do I ask and what should I say? How can I “get over the barrier”!

The Spitfire projects aim is to get many more people who thought that they could never “get over the barrier” not only over, but playing an important part of the squadron life.

I love showing visitors around the flying club and hangars here at Enstone, I can sense that our visitors want to touch and feel an airplane “go ahead, touch it won’t break” I am lucky to do something I truly love, but I want to be able to open that barrier and give that opportunity to many, many more people."

What makes a Squadron

People make a squadron not aircraft! During the build it would be great to find those people that worked on airframes, engines, electrical and radio systems. Engineers, electricians, painters, but most all we need enthusiasm. If you want to just get stuck and help get this project up and running there is a place for you.
Here are the levels of involvement:

The past revived

We are going to need all sorts of people to make this look and feel genuine, transporting people back to the days of heroes and villains. Rekindling old memories and inspiring youngsters with tales of fine flying fellows!!!

The Squadron of today

Don’t worry if dressing up is not your thing, we need people to explain our story in the squadron of today area the merchandising and membership stands will need to manned. There is a possibility of a Spitfire simulator for this area too. Fun for all the family.

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