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Was your finest hour was gaining your PPL?

You are not alone! For many pilots the serious challenge of gaining the Private pilotís license was a great achievement. However having gained your PPL that challenge was over and having taken your family and friends up for a jolly, flying without a reason has just lost its appeal and you have let your license lapse!

Well we have something to ignite that flame that once burned so bright!

Here is the plan, we are building 12 MK26B Spitfires (90% scale of the original), they will be built from kits, all are two seat versions and can be constructed by anyone who can tell a screw driver from a spanner! Once completed the 12 will operate as a squadron and will tour the UK and Europe putting on flying displays for the public.

How is this possible? Well itís all very simple really.

Rather than an individual buying and building a kit, we will have up to 20 pilot/builders sharing the cost and the building, making it affordable, achievable and accessible for many more people and we will get your kit completed in double quick time!

But we are looking for very special people to join this unique project:

Are you looking for something more than just flying a few circuits?

Are you up for a challenge and a team player?

Want some serious fun and camaraderie?

Want to fly your own Spitfire?

If you answered yes to the questions above then read on.

Here at Enstone flying club we have been training pilots for just over 25 years. In that time we have learned that our pilots love a challenge, by enlisting in the Spitfire club program you are not only joining an elite band of pilots, but you will help to construct and own a share in one of these iconic aircraft. We can provide you with all the necessary training to regain your license with our dedicated team here at Enstone.

A 12th share will cost in the region of £17K with a 20th around £11K. You will need to amass 25 hours of tail wheel training before you strap on your Spitfire. This will cost in the region of £4745. I estimate the monthly cost for each Spitfire at £600 this is divided equally amongst the share holders, plus the fuel you personally use. Fuel burn is approximately 32/38L per hour and is charged on a ďfull to fullĒ basis.

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